Friday, November 14, 2008

Grope and Run

As happens all too often, this street harassment occurred on UConn's Storrs campus. I was walking back from a bar (waring flats, jeans, and a VERY modest shirt) to a friend's apartment, chatting casually with my friends as we entered the parking lot to their apartment complex, staying on the designated pedestrian area on the side. All of the sudden, a car slows down, pulls up next to me, and the passenger (white male) leans out of his car AS IT IS IN MOTION, gropes me, and then drives away. As I was just a tad more uninhibited than I normally would be at the time, I yelled "FUCK YOU!" as the car drove away. I wish I could have grabbed his hand and held on as his friend kept driving, or at least have the opportunity to get in his face and yell. Then that guy would not have forgotten me. Unfortunately, because all I was able to do was yell an expletive at a moving car, I'm sure that person thought nothing of it, and that's what makes me angriest.